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Welcome to Snaffle for Business

We are a finance leasing company dedicated to helping companies
spread the cost of doing business, especially in the early stages.

We know the set-up costs of a franchise or small business can be off-putting, but Snaffle for Business believes in supporting enterprising business owners.

Leasing your equipment allows you to keep money aside for marketing and promotions to kickstart your business.

Supporting SME’s & Franchises

Setting up your own franchise is a great way to become self-employed, self-sufficient and take charge of your life.

But becoming a franchise has upfront costs that can prove a barrier of entry. We’re here to remove that barrier.

Finance your equipment and set-up costs with Snaffle for Business and focus on building your own business.

Reduce your
set up costs
Manageable monthly
operating expenses
Own all your equipment
at the end of the lease
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